Kenya National Parks and Game Reserves – Safari Attractions

Amboseli National Park

Located on the Kenya-Tanzania border, Amboseli is known fThe magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro in Amboseli National parkor its large herds of elephant, made famous by the work done by Cynthia Moss and the Amboseli Elephant Research Project. Here you will also find lion, giraffe, buffalo, warthog, vervet monkey, zebra, antelope, and the dik-dik, smallest of the antelope species. With varied vegetation, but mainly open savannah, game viewing is excellent. And though located 30-miles away in Tanzania, Mt. Kilimanjaro with its’ snow-capped peaks, is ever present from most every lodge or camp…

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Lake Nakuru National Park

Flamingos in Lake Nakuru National Park - Kenya Africa’s famous ornithological lake with stunning flocks of pink lesser flamingos that turns its water pink. It has great ecological diversity, from lake water, woodland, rocky escarpments and ridges. Games include hippos, Reedbuck, zebra, black and white rhino on Park sanctuary, buffalo, leopard, lion, Rothschild’s giraffe, white and black colobus monkey, bushlands , eland, steinbok, impala, Chandler’s Reedbuck and dik dik, rock hyrax and klipspringer which occupy the cliffs and its escarpment plus many more. Accommodation is easy to find .

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Masai Mara National Reserve

Wildebeest crossing the Mara river in Masai Mara Reserve - Kenya Majestic Masai Mara, home to great annual animal migration from Serengeti from Tanzania probably the most famous visited National park in East Africa and Africa, see the “Big Five” (buffalo, lion, elephant, leopard, rhino) it is also home to the Maasai tribe. Animal migration starts in June and ends in September in search of pasture under watchful eye of, Vultures, Eagles and at the mercy of hyena, crocodile, and hippo. “I dare you that you dare not miss this once in a life time opportunity and experience”…

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Shimba Hills National Reserve

Male sable antelope in Shimba Hills National Reserve - Kenya Shimba Hills National Reserve offers easy drive and beautiful, lush scenic beauty with unique and botanically rich coastal rainforest including two of Kenya’s most beautiful orchids with rare unique Sable Antelope with handsome near-black coat. Buffaloes, elephants, giraffes, lions, leopards and several primates. Best places for wildlife are flat grasslands near spectacular Sheldrick’s Falls, the Lango Plains near Giriama Point with tremendous view over rolling park land to the escarpment where you can see the Indian Ocean.

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Samburu National Reserve

Referred to as Samburu, also includes Buffalo Springs and Reticulated giraffe in Samburu National ReserveShaba Reserves. On your drive here, passing the colorful town of Isiolo, you will likely see a camel train walking single file thru the brush or along a dry riverbed. To this parched area camels are commonplace. Though not completely dry, as the Uaso Nyiro River serves as an erratic, albeit critical, water source. Here you will find unique animal species: Reticulated Giraffe, the Grevy’s Zebra, the gerenuk, Somali Ostrich, Thompson’s and Grant’s gazelles, as well as, elephant, waterbuck, cheetah, leopard, lion and hyena…

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Tsavo East and West National Park

This is Kenya’s largest park with 10-million acres of pure wilderness. Due to its size, Tsavo Tsavo West National Park, Kenyais divided into Tsavo East and Tsavo West. Located midway between Nairobi and Mombasa (Kenya’s Coast), here you will find volcanic hills, and spring fed pools of water, four rivers, and more than 60 mammal species and thousands of plant species. Surprisingly, few visitors travel here. Tsavo East is the more remote and less visited, though its’ relative proximity to Mombasa make it an ideal safari destination for those wishing to combine a beach and safari holiday…

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