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Meet the People Tour - Mombasa Day Trip

Bongo Safari has come up with a unique day trip to meet the needs of tourists. Most of the time tourists come to Kenya expecting to see Kenya but they end up seeing the beautifull sandy beaches and wild animals. But Bongo Safari wants to give you something different. Instead of sitting idle in your hotel after safari or a city tour, we give you the rare opportunity to see real Kenya and real Kenyans. 

Most tourists only see a small part of Kenya and leave the big and interesting part. Bongo Safari has come up with this day trip that will quench your thirst for Kenya. On this meet the people Mombasa tour we shall use different modes of transportation ranging from Matatus (Public Service Minibusses) to Boda-bodas and Tuk - Tuks (Motorbike Taxis). 

Visit a local school for young kids, see how they school, visit the Kongowea market - the biggest market in Mombasa see how local people do business, visit a children's home play with the kids and have a good time with them. 

Mombasa : Meet the People Tour/Day Trip Itinerary

After breakfast we head straight to the school, spend one hour with the kids, leave for the Kongowea market - the biggest market in Mombasa selling dry fish, chicken, beef, vegetables etc. We shall walk through the market buy whatever you like. Thereafter head for lunch which will take about one hour then head for lunch. After lunch we shall visit one of children’s home play with the kids for about two hours. Pay a visit to one family and have a first hand experience of how Kenyans leave. The modes of transport shall be ranging from Matatu, Motorbike, Tuk tuk and sometimes Bicycles. Matatus are the common means of transport in Kenya, they are colorfull and they bring you closer to Kenyans and some have music. Tuk Tuks are three wheelers and they normally carry three passengers.

The price caters for the transport, guides allowance. It does not include lunch, tips and anything of personal nature. Things to carry some sweets for the kids, sunglasses, suncreams, cameras and anything that you may think is necessary.

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