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Mombasa by Night and Dinner in the Castle

This is a tour that shows you Mombasa especially the Old Town at night. 

You will be picked by our driver at the reception of your Hotel. You will be informed the pick-up time before. Then you are brought to the Jahazi Marine Jetty on Tudor Creek. Your exciting excursion starts at 17:45 hrs with a cruise on one of old Arabian Dhows. They are fine examples of the traditional cargo carrying boats that used to ply the Indian Ocean routes. 

You will be able to see sunset from the Tudor Creek and head to the Old Harbour. Arrive at the Old Port of Mombasa as Merchants, Explorers and Missionaries did centuries before. A short guided walk through the Old Town will give you a taste of some of the spectacular Swahili architecture and mysterious atmosphere for which the Swahili Coast is famous.

As you leave the Old Town , the imposing stone fortress of Fort Jesus appears. Built over 400 years ago by the Portuguese as a stronghold at the entrance of the sheltered harbour. The ancient Fort is a spectacular example of 16th century Portuguese military architecture that has survived centuries of conquest and attack. Portuguese and Arab fire torch bearers welcome you to witness an amazing sound and light show retelling the fascinating history of Mombasa’s landmark through the centuries.

You will enjoy a delicious dinner that is served In the inner court yard of Fort Jesus. The excursion ends around 21:30 hrs and our driver will bring you back to the Hotel.

The Price on request

The price includes,

  • Transfer to and from the Hotel.
  • Dhow cruise on the Tudor creek.
  • Sound and Light Show.
  • Dinner in the inner courtyard of Fort Jesus.

We offer this excursion on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays


Meet the People Tour - Mombasa Day Trip

Bongo Safari has come up with a unique day trip to meet the needs of tourists. Most of the time tourists come to Kenya expecting to see Kenya but they end up seeing the beautifull sandy beaches and wild animals. But Bongo Safari wants to give you something different. Instead of sitting idle in your hotel after safari or a city tour, we give you the rare opportunity to see real Kenya and real Kenyans. 

Most tourists only see a small part of Kenya and leave the big and interesting part. Bongo Safari has come up with this day trip that will quench your thirst for Kenya. On this meet the people Mombasa tour we shall use different modes of transportation ranging from Matatus (Public Service Minibusses) to Boda-bodas and Tuk - Tuks (Motorbike Taxis). 

Visit a local school for young kids, see how they school, visit the Kongowea market - the biggest market in Mombasa see how local people do business, visit a children's home play with the kids and have a good time with them. 

Mombasa : Meet the People Tour/Day Trip Itinerary

After breakfast we head straight to the school, spend one hour with the kids, leave for the Kongowea market - the biggest market in Mombasa selling dry fish, chicken, beef, vegetables etc. We shall walk through the market buy whatever you like. Thereafter head for lunch which will take about one hour then head for lunch. After lunch we shall visit one of children’s home play with the kids for about two hours. Pay a visit to one family and have a first hand experience of how Kenyans leave. The modes of transport shall be ranging from Matatu, Motorbike, Tuk tuk and sometimes Bicycles. Matatus are the common means of transport in Kenya, they are colorfull and they bring you closer to Kenyans and some have music. Tuk Tuks are three wheelers and they normally carry three passengers.

The price caters for the transport, guides allowance. It does not include lunch, tips and anything of personal nature. Things to carry some sweets for the kids, sunglasses, suncreams, cameras and anything that you may think is necessary.

Mombasa City Tour - Full Day Tour of the City of Mombasa

Mombasa is the perfect place to help you fall into the naturally languid rhythm of Swahili life while still enjoying the modern comforts of home. Mombasa is the largest city on the Kenyan coast and also the largest coastal port in east Africa. The city’s population is overwhelmingly African, many of whom are Swahilis, but there is a remarkable range of races and cultures here, from Africans to British expats, Omanis, Indians and Chinese.

The most interesting part is the characterful Old Town, with its narrow, winding alleyways, historic Swahili houses and the remains of the mighty Fort Jesus. This day exist on a visit to the highlights of Mombasa.

Mombasa City Tour Itinerary

This cooperative employs an incredible 10.000 people from the local area. It is also a nonprofit organisation and produces very fine animal woodcarving. Woodcarvers are people who do carving with their hands. They make the most beautiful carvings. Akamba Handicraft is locates in Mombasa North near Moi International Airport. Because of the handcrafted each one of them is unique. Among the most popular products are animal art crafts especially the Big Five (Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, Elephant and Rhino). There are also variety of human sculpture, depicting both realistic and abstract African Art and many more different items.

During our stay you can look how the man make all the carvings. It is heavy work and you will be surprised about the things they can make. From one peace of wood they can make everything, it is amazing to see!

A visit to Mombasa would not be complete without a visit to the Elephant tusks. These were set up in 1952 to commemorate the visit to the town by Queen Elizabeth 2. The Elephant tusks write the letter 'M'. There are four of these M’s around the city of Mombasa. Everybody can recognize Mombasa because of these Elephant tusks.

We will take a lunch at Ngomongo Villages Park. The park is located in Mombasa North, 15 kilometres from town. The Park is situated in an abandoned MURRAM quarry, that has been reclaimed into a lush forest over ten years period.

Ngomongo villages park is a collection of 9 divers Rural Kenya Tribal Homesteads. Each homestead is complete with a Hut, cultivated crops, domestic and wild animals (like crocodile and ostrich) wild animals traps, charms and even village witch doctor. Each village has tribe specific activities for you to engage in including archery, boating, rafting, forest walk, hook fishing, grinding and pounding maize.

To date, Ngomongo cultural village is fanning out its reclamation exercises to the surrounding farms by recruiting the local farmers into planting trees to mark out their farm borders. The ultimate plan is to fan out the success locally, regionally and then nationally. It is nice to be here because of the animals and the nature! So it’s a good place to relax and to take our lunch. We will take a rest here to get some energy for the rest of the day!

After the lunch we will travel to Fort Jesus. This is Mombasa’s biggest tourist attraction. The metre-thick coral walls make it an imposing edifice, despite being partially ruined. The fort was built by the Portuguese in 1593 to enforce their rule over the coastal Swahilis, but they rarely managed to hold onto it for long. It changed hands at least nine times in bloody sieges between 1631 and 1875, finally falling under British control.

After the entrance you will find a museum which contains ceramics, reflecting the variety of cultures that traded along the coast. When you look trough the ‘windows’ you will have an amazing view over the beach and the harbour. With the sun on your head you will feel free and relax between the old ruins.

At least we will make a walk into Old Town. You will ever remember this walk because of the old buildings, the different cultures you will see, the Muslims, the mosques.

The houses in old town are characteristic of coastal East African architecture, with ornately carved doors and window frames and fretwork balconies, designed to protect the modesty of the female inhabitants. I will show you around and during our walk I will guide you between the different cultures in this ‘old town’. 

After this day we will bring you to your hotel.


The price: 75 euro per person for the whole day including lunch, entrees and fuel for the car!





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