best watamu beaches in Kenya

Best Watamu Beaches to Visit

Best Watamu Beaches

Best Watamu Beaches

  1. Jacaranda Watamu Bay
  2. Blue Lagoon Watamu
  3. Garoda Beach Watamu
  4. Mapango Beach Watamu
  5. Turtle Bay Beach Watamu
  6. Papa Remo Beach Watamu
  7. Short Beach Watamu
  8. Love Islands Watamu
  9. Watamubaia Dell’amore Watamu

Wondering which are the best Watamu Beaches? Well, beach bums and sun worshippers, listen up.  If you’re the kind who dreams of beaches where the sand’s like powdered sugar and the water’s so clear you see your toes wiggling ten feet down, Watamu is your jam. Watamu’s got the goods. We’re talking a slice of coastal Kenya with a unique dash of local charm. This isn’t your crowded resort scene, we’re talking laid-back coastal vibes with a splash of Kenyan magic. Lets dive down to the best Watamu beaches.

The Watamu Vibe

Picture this: palm trees swaying, a warm breeze with just a hint of salt, and the most chill locals you’ll ever meet. “Hakuna Matata” isn’t just a song here; it’s a way of life. Whether you’re up for exploring or straight-up snoozing in a hammock, Watamu’s got your back.

The Beaches Themselves? Pure Magic

You’ve got your main Watamu strip, perfect for long walks and watching the dhows (those traditional sailboats) drift by. Then there’s Turtle Bay, where the water’s this crazy shade of turquoise and turtles pop up to say hello. Fancy something wilder? Garoda Beach is where the waves get a little feisty (hello, surfers.).

Hold on, what about the food?

Foodies, buckle up. Watamu’s serving fresh-caught seafood grilled to perfection, Swahili dishes that’ll make your tastebuds do a happy dance, and the sweetest mangoes you’ve ever sunk your teeth into. Oh, and did we mention the gelato shops? Your inner child will thank you.

Things That Make Watamu Mombasa Rock

  • The marine park: It’s like swimming in a giant aquarium. Snorkel or dive with fish of every color, plus those awesome coral reefs.
  • Mida Creek: This mangrove wonderland is perfect for kayaking. Spot tons of birds and maybe even a sunbathing croc (from a safe distance, of course.).
  • Gedi Ruins: History buffs, this is for you. Explore an ancient Swahili town that feels straight out of Indiana Jones.

A Lil’ Storytime

Remember my first trip to Watamu? Walked onto the beach, and BAM. This troop of monkeys swings out of the trees. One little guy nabs my sunglasses, tries to wear them. It was chaos, but honestly, hilarious. Point is, Watamu’s full of surprises.

Okay, I’m hooked. How do I get there?

Easy peasy. Bongo Safari got you covered. From Nairobi you will hop on a domestic flight from Nairobi to Malindi, then it’s a short ride to Watamu. Want that true local experience? Take the bus that Bongo safari can arrange for you. It’s an adventure in itself, trust me.

Best Watamu Beaches

  1. At our top most position in our list of the best Watamu Beaches we have Jacaranda Watamu Bay: The All-Rounder

This beauty lives up to its nickname, ‘Sardegna 2’ (Sardinia 2). Expect picture perfect white sand and the most incredible pools that form as the tide goes out. It’s perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and feeling like you’ve stepped into a postcard.

Picture this: I’m strolling down Jacaranda Bay, and those turquoise pools the tide leaves behind are reflecting the sun like a million sapphires. I spot a group of kids splashing around, their laughter echoing across the beach – it’s pure joy. Another time I visited, a bunch of local fishermen were hauling in their nets, and the beach became a flurry of activity. Everyone helped out, and it was so cool to see this community spirit. Afterward, we shared their catch of freshly grilled fish right there on the sand, talk about a memorable meal. Plus, Jacaranda’s got beach bars, so grabbing a cold drink and soaking up the sunset is a must.

  1. Second position in our list of Best Watamu Beaches we have Blue Lagoon Watamu: Turquoise Dreams Come True

Get ready to say “wow” approximately a million times. This spot’s all about the water  that shimmery, dreamy turquoise that just begs you to jump right in. Perfect for a day of snorkeling, swimming, or just floating around like a happy jellyfish.

The first time I visited Blue Lagoon, I couldn’t resist putting on my snorkel gear and diving straight in. It’s like swimming in an aquarium. So many colorful fish darting around, and the coral is vibrant. I even saw a pufferfish who seemed a little grumpy about me invading his space hilarious. I also rented a kayak one day and explored the mangroves fringing the lagoon. It felt like I’d entered another world – all tangled roots and darting kingfishers. I even managed to spot a sleeping crocodile basking on a mudbank (definitely kept my distance.)

  1. In our third position in our list of best Watamu Beaches we have, Garoda Beach Watamu: When You Crave Some Surf

If you’re the kind of person who gets excited about waves, Garoda’s your spot. It’s got a bit more oomph than the others, so get ready for some fun boogie-boarding or surfing action. Plus, at low tide, you get this wild sandbar that’s prime for exploring. Garoda’s got a wild side. I saw local surfers absolutely shredding the waves, and there’s this massive sandbar at low tide that looks otherworldly. I spent ages poking around, finding all sorts of cool shells and even spotted a few ghost crabs scuttling away. Garoda’s also a kitesurfing hotspot, and watching those guys and gals fly across the water was incredible. Tried it myself and basically spent more time faceplanting in the waves than actually up on the board. Good laughs all around, though

  1. in position four in our list of best Watamu beaches we have, Mapango Beach Watamu: Pure Serenity

This one’s a hidden gem. Think long, empty stretches of sand and the gentle lapping of waves. If you want to unplug and pretend the world doesn’t exist for a day, Mapango Beach delivers. My absolute favorite thing about Mapango beach has to be the walk. It’s long, uninterrupted sand, the only sound is the waves, and there’s hardly anyone else around. One morning, I saw a flock of pink flamingos wading in the shallows – a total postcard moment. I love walking on Mapango just after a storm. The beach feels raw and wild, and sometimes you find the most amazing shells washed up. One time, I stumbled upon a whole cluster of starfish such a vibrant orange, just lying in the tidepools.

  1. In the fifth position in our list of the best Watamu beaches we have, Turtle Bay Beach Watamu: Your Wildlife Encounter Awaits

The name says it all. This beach is a hotspot for turtles. Keep your eyes peeled, and you might just spot one of these magnificent creatures popping up for a breath of air. Plus, the water here is super calm, making it a great swimming spot.

I’ve gotta admit, the day I visited Turtle Bay, I felt like a total kid. I’d been snorkelling for a while, and suddenly a massive sea turtle cruised right by. It was ancient and majestic, and I felt this wave of awe wash over me.

Top tip: the snorkelling around the coral reefs here is unreal. Aside from the turtle encounter, I saw loads of incredible stuff snorkelling around Turtle Bay. Brightly colored parrotfish, swirling schools of tiny silver fish, even a stingray gliding over the sandy bottom. It’s a reminder of just how vibrant the underwater world can be.

  1. at position 6 in our list of best Watamu beaches we got, Papa Remo Beach Watamu: Romance and Good Eats

Looking for a beach date? Papa Remo’s got you covered. It’s got a view of seven little islands and a dreamy, romantic feel. Come for the sunset, stay for the awesome beachside restaurants and lively nightlife. Papa Remo at sunset is pure magic. The sky explodes with color, and the little islands look like silhouettes. My partner and I shared a seafood platter at one of the beachfront restaurants, the flavors were incredible. Later, the party gets started, with live music and dancing right on the sand. One night at Papa Remo, they had a bonfire going, and everyone was just gathered around, singing and playing music. It felt so friendly and spontaneous a couple even got engaged right there. Talk about an unforgettable moment.

  1. In position seven in our list of best Watamu beaches we got, Short Beach Watamu: Chill Vibes Central

This beach is like Watamu’s secret chill-out zone. Tucked away at the southern end, it’s all about peace and quiet. Grab a good book, find a shady spot under a palm, and let the hours melt away. This spot’s definitely my favorite for total relaxation. I found this perfect little patch of shade under a giant baobab tree and just dozed off with a book. Occasionally, I’d hear the gentle laughter of some folks swimming nearby, but it was mostly just the sound of the waves and my own happy sighs.

  1. At position eight in our list of best Watamu beaches there is, Love Islands Watamu: Secluded Sandy Escape

These tiny islands are full of charm and are a top pick if you want some privacy. Take a boat out, and you’ve got your own little slice of paradise for a romantic picnic or a day of undisturbed basking. You want to know the real life experiences of of love island in Watamu? Well,

I spent a day hopping from one Love Island to the next on a little dhow “a traditional sailboat”. While exploring the Love Islands, we even found an old abandoned shipwreck half-buried in the sand. It sparked all sorts of pirate fantasies. We spent ages imagining its story and pretending to search for hidden treasure. Each island had its own charm, some were like tiny deserted paradises, others had these mangrove forests I could explore. It felt like a real adventure.

  1. and at position 9 in our list of best Watamu Beaches we got, Watamubaia Dell’amore Watamu: Where the Locals Go


Want a taste of authentic Watamu beach life? This is where the locals hang. The name even means something like “Bay of Love.” It’s a mix of swimming, sunbathing, and plenty of friendly chatter.

This spot’s just so full of life. Families having picnics, kids playing in the shallows, and groups of friends laughing under the trees. I even managed to join a game of beach volleyball (turns out I’m pretty terrible, but everyone was super friendly). I love the food stalls at Dell’amore. There’s this lady who makes the best samosas, and they’re the perfect snack after a swim. And it always makes me smile to see everyone sharing food and just enjoying being together by the sea. If you want that authentic Watamu energy, Dell’amore is it.


Things To Do In Watamu- Fun Activities To Do In Watamu


Absolutely. Here’s an expanded version with even more details and tips to get those traveller juices flowing:

  1. Watamu Marine National Park: Undersea Wonderland

Forget crowded beaches, get ready for some serious underwater action. Watamu Marine National Park is like stepping into a giant aquarium. Imagine crystal clear waters teeming with colourful coral reefs, schools of tropical fish that look like living rainbows, and maybe even a slow-cruising’ sea turtle or a playful dolphin. Snorkelling here is an absolute blast, but if you’re feeling seriously adventurous, strap on those scuba tanks for a deeper dive. It’ll be like exploring an alien world.

  1. Arabuko Sokoke National Park: Jungle Vibes

Time to trade the swimsuit for hiking boots. Arabuko Sokoke National Park is a whole different kind of adventure. This thick, lush jungle is home to some seriously amazing creatures. We’re talking elephants stomping around, monkeys swinging through the trees, and rare birds filling the air with their songs. Follow the trails on foot for a close-up view or go for a leisurely bike ride under the leafy canopy. Keep your eyes peeled because you never know what critter you might spot around the next bend.

  1. Bio-Ken Snake Farm: Get Up Close and Slithery

Alright, snake fans (and those brave enough to face their fears), this one’s for you. Bio-Ken Snake Farm is where you’ll meet all sorts of slithery friends. They’ve got everything from giant pythons that could give you a hug (well, maybe not) to those brightly colored cobra guys that are seriously cool to look at (from a safe distance, of course.). Learn about these fascinating creatures and maybe even work up the courage to touch one – if you dare.

  1. Mida Creek: Where Mangroves and Magic Meet

Mida Creek is a total gem that most tourists miss. Imagine a maze of lush mangrove forests, flocks of exotic birds swooping by, and stunning sunsets that paint the sky in crazy colors. Rent a kayak for a peaceful paddle through the channels, or hop on a traditional dhow boat at sunset for a truly magical experience. Bring your camera, because trust me, you’ll want to capture this place.

  1. The Local Ocean Conservation: Saving Sea Turtles

Want to make a difference while you’re on vacation? The Local Ocean Conservation folks are doing incredible work protecting sea turtles and the beautiful Watamu coast. Spend a day volunteering with them – help with beach cleanups, assist with turtle rescues, and learn about the challenges facing these amazing creatures. It’ll be the most rewarding experience of your trip, hands down.

  1. East African Reptile Park: More Than Just Snakes

If one snake spot wasn’t enough, the East African Reptile Park delivers even more scaly goodness. This place is home to crocodiles, tortoises, chameleons, and all sorts of other fascinating reptiles. It’s a great place to get a closer look at these creatures and learn all those weird and wonderful facts about them.

  1. Safari Tours in Watamu: Adventure Time

Kenya without a safari? Nope, can’t do it. Luckily, Watamu’s within reach of some incredible national parks like Tsavo East or Tsavo West. Head out on an overnight or multi-day safari and prepare to be blown away. Imagine seeing lions basking in the sun, elephants taking mud baths, and giraffes nibbling on leaves high in the trees. It’s the ultimate African wildlife experience and a must-do for any adventurer. Bongo Safari has the right Watamu safari packages just tailored for you.

A Few More Tips:

  • Watamu’s all about that relaxed coastal vibe. Leave the rush at home and embrace the slower pace of life here.
  • Foodies, get ready. Watamu has amazing restaurants serving fresh-caught seafood and flavourful Swahili dishes. Ask the locals for recommendations and be sure to try something new.
  • Don’t be afraid to haggle. It’s part of the fun at the markets. Start with a low offer, work your way up, and enjoy the friendly banter with the sellers.


Frequently asked questions about Watamu

  1. What’s the Best Time to Visit Watamu Beaches?

Okay, if you want that Instagram-worthy tan and endless sunshine, July to October is your jam. That’s the dry season, aka perfect beach weather. But hey, even January and February have a few sunny streaks if you’re flexible.

  1. Is Watamu in Mombasa or Malindi?

It’s closer to the sleepy beach town of Malindi. Think of Watamu as the place where you ditch the crowds and find your own private slice of paradise.

  1. How Far are Watamu Beaches from Mombasa?

‘Bout 100 kilometers (62 miles) north. Depending on how jam-packed the roads are, it’ll be a few hours’ drive. But trust me, the stunning coastline views make it worth the road trip playlist.

  1. How Do I Get to Watamu Beaches?

You’ve got options, friend.

  • Channel your inner adventurer: Rent a car (watch out for those potholes, they’re sneaky). Or go budget-friendly with a bus ride, just bring a good book for the bumps.
  • Treat yo’self: Grab a taxi straight from Mombasa for some no-fuss travelin’, or ask your hotel about shuttles – lots of those around.
  • Fly like a boss: If you’re short on time, hop on a quick flight from Mombasa or Nairobi to Malindi. Then it’s just a short drive to those pearly-white sands.


  1. Is Watamu better than Diani?

Whoa, that’s like asking if chocolate or vanilla is better – depends on your tastebuds.

  • Diani’s got the buzz, more restaurants, and some fun nightlife.
  • Watamu is your queen of relaxation, with amazing snorkeling spots and those “do I ever have to leave?” vibes.
  1. Is Watamu Safe for Tourists?

Yup! Kenya’s a pretty welcoming place for travelers. Just use your usual smarts like you would anywhere – don’t go waving your fancy camera around at night, that sort of thing.

  1. Is Watamu on the North or South Coast?

North coast all the way!

  1. Does Watamu have an airport?

Nope, the closest one’s in Malindi. It’s tiny, mostly for those quick jumps within Kenya.

  1. Is There Uber in Malindi?

Not that I’ve seen. But the local taxis and those adorable tuk-tuks (the three-wheeled ones) are everywhere. Plus, trying to bargain down the price is a whole experience in itself!

  1. How far is Watamu to Malindi?

It’s a quick 20-30 minute drive, around 20 kilometers (12 miles). Perfect for a day trip if you want a taste of Malindi’s markets or restaurants.

  1. Where is Watamu Beach located?

It’s nestled right on Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast, a little off-the-beaten-path gem that’s all about barefoot luxury.

  1. Watamu is in Which Country?

Kenya. Think safaris, amazing beaches, and the warmest smiles you’ll ever find.

Bonus tips from yours truly Bongo Safari best Watamu Safari Tour Company:

  • Swahili 101: Saying “Jambo!” (hello) makes everyone think you’re a pro.
  • Hagglin’ queen/king: It’s the name of the game in the markets. Start low and be ready to banter!
  • Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen: Don’t let that African sun turn you into a lobster.
  • Taste adventure: The seafood is to die for, but don’t miss those local dishes either. Your tastebuds will party.
  • Embrace the chill: Watamu is for SLOWING down. Trust me, your stressed-out self will thank you.


So, there you have it. Watamu’s seriously got it all – underwater adventures, stunning nature, fascinating wildlife, and a chance to give back. Pack those bags, grab your sense of adventure, and get ready for a Kenyan getaway you’ll never forget.


Travel pro tip. Watamu’s lovely year-round, but if you want to dodge the crowds, skip the high seasons around Christmas and July/August but if you hate partying alone the high season would be best for that that’s Christmas and July/August season.

Alright, let’s ditch those boring travel brochures, shall we? Watamu is calling, and it’s time to answer. Call Bongo Safari the best tour company in Mombasa, best safari company in Mombasa and among the best watamu tour companies in kenya for a safari in  Mombasa.
If you would like to visit malindi here is all you need to know about Malindi. 

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