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5 Days Mt Kenya Hiking Safari – The Naro Moru route.

Mountain Climbing


Mount Kenya Climbing Safari – Naro Moru Route 5 Days Trekking/Hiking Safari

Mount Kenya has three peaks; Mbatian, Nelion and point Lenana. The magnificent views over the surrounding country from point Lenana and other high points around the main peaks and trekking on this mountain is a priority among tourists. The forest surrounding the mountain support a large variety of wildlife such as elephant, buffalo, monkey, antelope, lion, zebra, eland, rock hyrax, giant forest hogs, leopard and various species of birds such as eagle, vulture, and sunbird among others. 

Naro Moro Route – 5 Days Mount Kenya Hiking/Climbing/Trekking

The most popular trekking route, with easy access to the start of the route and good facilities on the way up. There are two bunkhouses, one hut and several places to camp. This route also allows a very quick ascent to Point Lenana, which is fine if you’re well acclimatized.

Leave Nairobi at 8.00am and drive to Mountain Rock Hotel in Nanyuki for lunch. Afternoon can be used for an optional visit to the Sweet Waters game reserve or to the cave hideouts that the Mau Mau freedom fighters used during Kenya’s struggle for independence

After breakfast at 8.30 am, transfer to the Sirimon Park gate (2660m) the base of your Mt. Kenya trail. Here you meet with guides/ porters and start you climb at 10.00am. A 3hours walk with lunch on the way takes you to Old Moses Camp (3300m) on the edge of the mountainous forest where you will spend the night.

Today you leave the camp at 8.30 am and you continue hike through the moorland characterized by many varieties of Seneca and Lobelia to Shipton’s Camp (4200m). Lunch will be taken on the way. The 14km hike takes about 6 hours. Overnight will be at the Shipton’s Camp just below the 3 majestic peaks – Batian, Nelion and Lenana.

Today start hiking around 3 a.m to get to the summit of Point Lenana by sunrise, or just after, then a walk all the way back down to Met Station on same day. This is long and hard, and the speed of ascent is one of the major reasons why so many people get sick and don’t enjoy their trek. We therefore recommend by far that you go up in the day light as far as Hut (4790m) and spend the night of stage 3 there before going up to Lenana next morning.

Alternatively, you can spend a second niAustrianght at Mackinder’s after lenana, and go down to Met the next day. Even better, spend two nights at Mackinder’s Camp before going up to Lenana, to give your self more time to acclimatize and a much better chance of enjoying the walk to the top.

From Austrian hut you get excellent views: north- east up to the summit of Point Lenana, with the area on the left (west) of the main south- west ridge usually a snow field covering the Lewis Glacier; west, across the Lewis Glacier itself, to the steep south east face of Newlion; and south east, down into the Hobley Valley, with Gallery Tarn over to the left (north) side of the valley.

Meals and Overnight will be served at Met Station.

On this last day we retrace our footstep and down on the path to park gate. Meals and Overnight will be served at our town Hotel or our next destination.

Cost of Safari

The cost of this safari will vary depending on date of travel, type of accommodation, transport mode and number of people on the safari.

Transport and Accommodation

Transport is in a customized 8 seater safari minibus with pop up roof. Option of a 4×4 jeep, at supplementary cost.

Accommodation options: Luxury lodges, luxury tented camps, Economy lodges, economy camps.

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5 Days affordable mount Kenya climbing.

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