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Our Story

Anderson Bongo MwameriBongo Safaris started in the year 2010, with only two employees i.e. my wife and I.  I used to do safaris and my wife did office work. Our office was at home so whenever I was on safari she would take care of our mails. Before we started our Tour and Safari Company, I was employed by a Safari company in Mombasa as a Driver/guide. My wife was a house wife and we were living in one room. We had our toilet, kitchen and bathroom in the same room. We were very comfortable despite my small salary.  The single room was everything. There was a partition which separated our toilet/bathroom. When we had visitors, we had to share the room but we were still comfortable. When we got our first child, we still had the same salary and the same one room yet we were still comfortable. 

One day, while we were out, thieves broke into our house and took everything they could lay their hands on except our bed. When we came back in the evening it was a shocker. A month later, I was laid off at work. Even the small salary which had been our comfort was snatched away from us. We were very discouraged, distraught and disappointed.  I informed my friend about the debacle. He sent me $200 and the money helped us for a short time.  One evening as I was talking with my wife, thoughts kept coming and one of the thoughts was to start our own Tour and Safari Company. That was when Bongo Safari was born.  

The reason why am telling this story is this, tragedies and misfortunes are not the end of the world in fact they could be the beginning of a new thing. When thieves broke into our house and the job was gone, I could have sat and started a big pity party, telling everyone about our misfortunes but we had an idea and we acted on it. Now we have trained and qualified driver/guides and other staff members who can advise and take care of your Tour and Safari needs. I was interested in Travelling since when I was young. I remember when I was still in Primary school, that is way back in 1989. We were supposed to travel to Nairobi for a music competition, I was not interested in singing but I was excited about going to Nairobi which I used to watch on Television. I had sleepless nights thinking of how this trip would be. When the day was near, I went to my father to ask for permission to travel to Nairobi. To my disappointment my father refused me the permission, I felt bad and I decided to go without his permission. We had a good time in Nairobi but deep inside of me I knew I will have to face the music when I returned home, I was chased away from home and I went to the village for a month. We have travelled to most of the parks in Kenya and we know where we are taking you. Come for safari in Kenya and we will be more than happy to serve you and give you a memorable safari.


Anderson and Florence Mwameri Bongo.

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