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Bongo Safari Tours

  1. Choose a tour operator who is on the ground
    This means you are better off choosing a safari company which is local meaning local in the country that you would like to visit. They do have fresh information compared to foreign companies with stale information. The information gathered like ten years ago is outdated but a company that is on the ground always knows any changes and how the industry is at the time of contact. Another good thing is that this will help the locals and up-grade their lives.
  2. Choose a reputable and experienced operator
    Safari is a lifetime experience to others, and it will leave a good or bad memory. Make sure you choose someone who knows what they are doing, friendly Guides who can handle different characters and they are solution oriented. Make sure you trust the company you are dealing with and always ask questions because questions are never wrong. Search the internet for safari reviews, recommendations, and note what does and does not work for safari travelers and make an informed decision.
  3. Inform the Tour Operator any personal issues
    i.e food allergies; limited mobility; heart condition; queen versus twin beds; motion sickness; baby if any and the age of the kid etc. The safari operator will advise the client if a particular safari or activity will be possible or not.
  4. Know the following from the safari company:
    Description of safari vehicles; Lodging recommendations; National Park recommendations; distance from one park to the other, express concerns about the logistics of being on safari, i.e. are there rest room facilities in the parks or accommodations? Do they have electricity in the accommodations etc.
  5. Be flexible during your planning
    People often think that they know what they want to do, but their ideas may not work in practice. This may be due to a number of things, such as date of travel, activities on offer, quality of camp – and quite often it is a result of bad advice from other people.
  6. What you pay for is what you get:
    As a rule, if there are two camps that look the same but one is more expensive, there will be a reason for this. The main reasons will be the quality of the services offered e.g Customer Care, Food, Beddings etc. Make sure the company you are choosing has been to the facility and has latest information regarding the same. Would it be wise for you to pay a lot of money for Air Fare and end up sleeping in a smelly and uncomfortable place or eat bad food. Make sure you enjoy your holiday. And always know cheap could be expensive.
  7. Consider a night near the Airport on the arrival day:
    Safaris are fairly demanding and it is a good idea to get fresh before you start your adventure! Otherwise you may struggle to recover after your flight, rest and have a good time before the safari.
  8. Know your guide before the safari:
    Make sure you meet the company representative and the Driver Guide for a briefing session. If possible know your Driver Guide before the safari even if it will be through Watsup so that you get used to each other for you will spend several days together.
  9. What is the best time for a Safari:
    If you want to see the Wildebeest Migration then you have to choose Maasai Mara the months of June to October. But any time of the year is the best. The Weather patterns have changed so you never know when it will rain and the long rains are not that long these days so go for it any time of the year.
  10. Decide what you want to see:
    This could determine which parks to visit. Are you an Animal lover and which animals in particular or are you a Bird Watcher or anything nature is good for you. Express yourself to the operator and they will advise you accordingly.

It’s easier than you think. Determined to make your family travel dream a reality? Here’s our guide to the basics.

  1. Safety.
    The threat of Terrorism has become a global problem, make sure you contact your home affairs office regarding any destination you choose. If you would like to go on a safari make sure you stay in the bus during the safari because the animals are wild. Make sure the safari provider has the special seats for  kids so that they are safe while driving because some roads are rough.
  2. Stay Healthy During Your Safari.
    Looking after your family’s health is of course a top priority. Before you go, arrange the requisite vaccinations and antimalarials in plenty of time, and remember that some jabs (eg typhoid) can’t be given before a certain age. Carry a good first aid kit and discuss in advance what to do in an emergency; comprehensive travel insurance is a must.
    While it pays to be prepared, with all the fresh air and exercise you’ll likely be getting on the road, plus new, varied foods and plenty of mood-boosting family time, chances are you’ll all be healthier than ever while you’re away.
  3. Pack Light and Stock Up on the go.
    Will you be lugging around baby paraphernalia, or are you travelling with older kids who can carry their own stuff? Will you be backpacking or driving? Will you be with a driver guide during a safari ? Do you need to worry about seasons or will you stick to warm climates?
    Whatever your plans, pack as little as possible. You can buy nappies, baby food and even clothes as you go along – and you may well need to anyway, given the rate at which most children grow.
    Must-haves include a comfort object or two for small children, a lightweight sling for babies and toddlers, and a tablet or laptop loaded with games and movies for when the inevitable cries of boredom strike. A small backpack that young children can pack and carry themselves is a great way of involving them in the preparations.
  4. Get the Kids involved.
    Letting the kids take part in the day-to-day decision making is all part of the fun. Ask them for their ideas of what to do and where to visit; encourage them to write or draw in a journal daily; or give them their own child-friendly camera to capture the world from their own perspective.
    You may need to move slower than you did in your pre-children days. Most kids won’t take kindly to rushing around ticking off high-profile sites; it’s more relaxing for all involved to spend several days, if you are on a safari make sure you have a private driver guide and one who is patient,  flexible and child friendly. Make sure it is only you and your family in the bus to avoid any friction.
  5. Let Travel be their Teacher.
    Travel with school-age children and you’ll have to educate along the way. As well as setting time aside for formal study, draw inspiration from the world around you. Learn about art and history by visiting museums and ancient sites; use a trip to the market as a simple maths lesson; study maps to understand the geography of the countries you’re visiting; or encourage your kids to interact in the local language.
    There are numerous sites dedicated to homeschooling and many companies provide learning and teaching resources on their websites, including National Geographic), NASA (and the BBC)
    Of course, exploring the world is a positive learning experience in itself, and your kids are bound to gain valuable practical, social and language skills to show off when they get back home.

Anderson Bongo MwameriBongo Safaris started in the year 2010, with only two employees i.e. my wife and I.  I used to do safaris and my wife did office work. Our office was at home so whenever I was on safari she would take care of our mails. Before we started our Tour and Safari Company, I was employed by a Safari company in Mombasa as a Driver/guide. My wife was a house wife and we were living in one room. We had our toilet, kitchen and bathroom in the same room. We were very comfortable despite my small salary.  The single room was everything. There was a partition which separated our toilet/bathroom. When we had visitors, we had to share the room but we were still comfortable. When we got our first child, we still had the same salary and the same one room yet we were still comfortable. 

One day, while we were out, thieves broke into our house and took everything they could lay their hands on except our bed. When we came back in the evening it was a shocker. A month later, I was laid off at work. Even the small salary which had been our comfort was snatched away from us. We were very discouraged, distraught and disappointed.  I informed my friend about the debacle. He sent me $200 and the money helped us for a short time.  One evening as I was talking with my wife, thoughts kept coming and one of the thoughts was to start our own Tour and Safari Company. That was when Bongo Safari was born.  

The reason why am telling this story is this, tragedies and misfortunes are not the end of the world in fact they could be the beginning of a new thing. When thieves broke into our house and the job was gone, I could have sat and started a big pity party, telling everyone about our misfortunes but we had an idea and we acted on it. Now we have trained and qualified driver/guides and other staff members who can advise and take care of your Tour and Safari needs. I was interested in Travelling since when I was young. I remember when I was still in Primary school, that is way back in 1989. We were supposed to travel to Nairobi for a music competition, I was not interested in singing but I was excited about going to Nairobi which I used to watch on Television. I had sleepless nights thinking of how this trip would be. When the day was near, I went to my father to ask for permission to travel to Nairobi. To my disappointment my father refused me the permission, I felt bad and I decided to go without his permission. We had a good time in Nairobi but deep inside of me I knew I will have to face the music when I returned home, I was chased away from home and I went to the village for a month. We have travelled to most of the parks in Kenya and we know where we are taking you. Come for safari in Kenya and we will be more than happy to serve you and give you a memorable safari.


Anderson and Florence Mwameri Bongo.

Our Charity Work

It is our goal that from our safaris business a percentage of our earnings goes to among others a rehabilitation centre and a children's home that we support. These homes take care of destitute children left behind by the death of their parents through the AIDS scourge, or drug abuse. We encourage tourists to visit and participate in activities in these projects and see the good your visit does to these projects.


Doing safari with Bongo Safari is touching the lives of the less privileged positively! 

Gambo wa Mwagambo

His name is Gambo wa Mwamgambo, he is a professional driver guide, Gambo speaks Germany, English and Swahili fluently. He can handle wildlife, vehicle and can take good care of the clients. He is a good animal and bird spotter, full of wisdom. He always knows where the animals are and in his hands you are always safe.
Moses This is Moses, he is a Trained guide and can speak Spanish, English and Swahili. He can handle Maasai Mara National Reserve, Samburu National Reserve, Amboseli and Tsavo. Very friendly and knowledgeable. In his hands you are safe.

Henry Matoke

His name is Henry Matoke, he is a professional driver guide, Henry speaks English and Swahili fluently. He handles safaris all over Kenya and takes good care of our clients. Henry is a good animal and bird spotter, full of wisdom. He always knows where the animals are and in his hands you are always safe.


His name is Kombo, he is a professional driver guide, Kombo speaks Italian, English and Swahili fluently. He handles safaris all over Kenya and takes good care of our clients. Kombo is a good animal and bird spotter, full of wisdom. He always knows where the animals are and in his hands you are always safe. 

Who we are
We are a local Safari/Tour Company based in Kenya, East Africa. We are officially registered to operate by the  government and ministry of Tourism of Kenya

What we do
We do organize Safaris, Tours, Excursions and Transfers so from the moment you start thinking about going on a vacation to Kenya, Africa. Many thoughts do come up like which company is trustworthy, is our safety guaranteed, are our kids safe and is it a good idea to take kids on such a vacation, how are going to pay etc. Right from the time you start thinking about all those questions. We are here and we want to make sure we can provide the right information at the right time to everyone who needs it.

Where we do
We do organize safaris from anywhere in Kenya and we can take you wherever you want in Kenya including Maasai Mara National Reserve, Lake Nakuru National Park, Amboseli National Park, Tsavo East and West National Parks, Meru National Park, Shimba National Reserve, Samburu National Reserve, Lake Bogoria National Reserve, Lake Baringo National Reserve, Impala National Reserve, Kenya Coast and book a hotel / accommodation for you.

Our Driver Guides
Our Driver / guides have many years of experience doing safaris/Tours. They are trained on how to handle both vehicles and Wildlife. They can take good care of the elderly and children as well, they are good animal and bird spotters and command good English language and on request we can organize for French or Germany or Italian speaking driver guides so rest assured you are in safe and good hands.

Our Network
We can organize you meet with local groups such as Football Teams, Local Churches and other non governmental agencies that operate in the area. This way you can combine Wildlife adventure and meet  Kenyans.